Sunday, March 7, 2010


The world-renowned Palm and Lauric Oils Conference & Exhibition Price Outlook (POC) conference is held annually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is well attended by international players from the oils and fats industry from over 40 countries.

In its second decade, the Palm and Lauric Oils Conference & Exhibition: Price Outlook 2010/2011 (POC2010) will continue to lead discussions on the future of the edible oil industry and provide an excellent base for networking among its delegates.

This flagship conference, organised by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, which operates the world's largest palm oil futures contract, has become one of the most important annual events in this field, facilitating the exchange of ideas and enabling participants to share their assessments on the developments that will impact the price outlook on the palm and lauric oils market.

Take part in this global event
POC2010 provides an avenue that enables participants to get the latest tips and advice from some of the top industry experts on key insights in relation to the global edible oils supply and demand status, as well as the perfect forum for networking opportunities and for the discussion of the latest issues and news for businesses and pricing.

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