Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Trading Tip: A wonderful day has come

Hi traders,

CPO ended higher yesterday with significant volume at 2519 lvl. It shown that CPO may continue it bullish tone onwards. If CPO open > 2485 - 2520 and close > 2500, the bullish tone may still exist. Otherwise it may bearish tone for correction if open > 2485. Major trend still in upside biased. I'm expecting CPO may test 2520-2560 today.

Take your position nicely....

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Trading Tip: Bulls vs Bears

Hi traders,

CPO ended higher yesterday at 2457 with high volume traded. It looks like CPO may test 2450-2480 today if open > 2454-2465 and close > 2460 and bullish tone may develop. But CPO may downside if open < 2445-2435 and close < 2435. However major trend still in upside biased. During trading hour, CPO may up & down to make it correction towards bullish tone. Please take your position nicely......

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Trading Tips: Beware of downside correction

Hi traders,

CPO ended lower yesterday at 2424 lvl, the lowest after 1 week trading. Expected to continue today after firm  down of 1-20 export data released by SGS & Intertek. If CPO open > 2445-2455 and close > 2455 the bullish tone still exist. But if open < 2432-2420 and close < 2420 the CPO may tend to downside bias. I'm expecting the CPO to test 2420-2450 lvl. However spillover from overnight C.O & S.O may limit the downside.

Just my 2cents...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DJ Malaysia July 1-20 Palm Oil Exports 870,604 Tons -SGS

KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)--Malaysia's palm oil exports during the July 1-20 period fell 4.8% compared with the same period last month to 870,604 metric tons, cargo surveyor SGS (Malaysia) Bhd. said Tuesday.

It estimated exports at 914,649 tons for the same period in June.

Intertek Agri Services, another surveyor, estimated July 1-20 exports at 879,018 tons earlier in the day.

The following are the major items in the SGS estimate:

(All figures in tons)

Product              July 1-20        June 1-20 
RBD Palm Olein         384,134          448,157 
RBD Palm Oil            97,371           81,824 
RBD Palm Stearin        75,987           84,994 
Crude Palm Oil         141,255          167,846 
Total*                 870,604          914,849 
Major importers of Malaysian palm oil: 
European Union          112,311        158,620 
China                   121,636        310,740 
U.S.                    126,279         46,572 
India                    58,800         63,655 
Pakistan                174,416         69,420 
*Palm oil product volumes don't add up to total as some products aren't
 SGS Malaysia is a division of the Switzerland-based Societe Generale de
Surveillance Group. 
 -By Shie-Lynn Lim, Dow Jones Newswires; +603 2026 1233; 

DJ Malaysia July 1-20 Palm Oil Exports 879,018 Tons -Intertek

KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)--Malaysia's palm oil exports during the July 1-20 period fell 3% compared with the same period last month to 879,018 metric tons, cargo surveyor Intertek Agri Services said Tuesday.

The estimate is within market expectations of a 3%-4% decline in shipments

Intertek estimated exports at 906,321 tons during the June 1-20 period.

Another surveyor, SGS (Malaysia) Bhd., is expected to issue its estimate later in the day.

-By Shie-Lynn Lim, Dow Jones Newswires; +603 2026 1233;

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday Trading Tip: CPO May Tests 2440-2460

Hi Traders,

CPO ended higher today with moderate volume traded. Expected CPO may bullish tomorrow if open > 2445-2455 and close > 2460. But it may bearish if open < 2330-2440 and close < 2430. Down export data 1-20 release by SGS & Intertek tomorrow may limit the upside bias. I'm expecting CPO may test 2440-2460 lvl tomorrow, but if can break 2465 the bullish rally may exist. Overall trend still in upside bias.....

I would like to share my breakout point chart that i have took long position....Hope this is another my excellent achievement if CPO brakes 2480.....


Happy trading.....

DJ Asian Crude Palm Oil Ends Up; Weather Threats, Supply Outlook

KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)--Crude palm oil futures on Malaysia's derivatives exchange ended higher Monday, with investors ignoring slowing export growth, focusing instead on possible production weakness due to La Nina-related heavy rainfall.

Growers and analysts said the rainfall may stifle palm oil output in Malaysia and Indonesia, the top two producers, crimping supply growth.

Lower yields in the states of Sabah and Sarawak have prompted trade participants and growers to cut forecasts for supply growth this month to 5% from a previous projection of 10%.

The benchmark October contract on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives ended MYR5 higher at MYR2,454 a metric ton, after trading on both sides.

The market was in negative territory for most of the day as "the surge in prices in previous trading sessions tempted investors to lock in gains," a senior executive at global trading company said.

"Prices may trade lower this week with the imminent slowdown in exports, as the bulk of festive demand shipments has already been shipped out in early July."

Some trade participants said July 1-20 palm shipments likely declined 3%-4% on month to around 877,000 tons, which will likely prevent prices rising further.

Cargo surveyors Intertek Agri Services and SGS (Malaysia) Bhd. are due to issue their July 1-20 estimates Tuesday.

In the cash market, palm olein for October/November/December shipment was traded at $782.50/ton and $790/ton, free on board Malaysian ports, a Singapore-based trading executive said.

Cash CPO for prompt delivery was offered MYR10 higher at MYR2,520/ton.

CME Group Inc.'s dollar-based CPO futures for October delivery weren't traded during Asian hours.

Rupiah-denominated September CPO futures on the Indonesia Commodity and Derivative Exchange were trading 1.5% lower at IDR6,565 a kilogram at 0949 GMT, with 11 lots changing hands. One lot equals 10 tons.

Open interest on the BMD was 68,762 lots compared with 69,473 lots Friday. One lot is equivalent to 25 tons.

A total of 13,739 lots of CPO were traded versus 26,327 lots Friday.

Closing BMD CPO futures prices in MYR/ton at 1000 GMT: 
Month   Close  Previous  Change   High    Low 
Aug'10  2,504     2,493  Up  11  2,504  2,478 
Sep'10  2,474     2,470  Up   4  2,474  2,448 
Oct'10  2,454     2,449  Up   5  2,455  2,429 
Nov'10  2,449     2,445  Up   4  2,450  2,426 
  By Shie-Lynn Lim, Dow Jones Newswires; +603 2026 1233; 

Monday Trading Tip: Temporary downside may develop

Hi traders,

CPO ended higher Friday at 2449 lvl with high volume traded. Based on my experienced, CPO was in transition zone as to make new bullish trend. If it can pass the 2460 lvl and play around with this figure this week, chances to bullish is high. Today CPO may develop temporary downside for correction and will up again, but upside is limited. If CPO open > 2440-2450 and close > 2460 the bullish tone is high. But it may downside if open < 2430-2420 and close < 2420.   

Just my 2cents....

Happy trading.....

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