Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Stock: RBD Palm Olein (CP8)

CP8 Offer.....To those who have POF BUYER only. PM me....


1. Product: CP8 RBD PALM OLEIN
2. Origin: MALAYSIA
3. Quantity Of Supply: MOQ 150,000 MT per order/transaction/month for export/local. Current stock available 500k MT
4. Packaging: Bulk only
5. Trading Term FOB.
6. Inspection: At Loading Port by SGS
7. Loading Port: Port Klang & Pasir Gudang or preferred port by BUYER
8. Price Offered: MPOB price reviewed daily accordingly (PM if serious)
9. Discounting: 5% - 10% from the MPOB price
10.Transportation: provided by BUYER
11. Price of transaction: MPOB price
12.Payment Terms Irrevocable, Confirmed, Auto-Revolving, Transferable LC 100% at sight.
13. Delivery Period: Delivery within 3 to 4 weeks after the confirmation of payment by handling bank of both parties.

General Contract procedures :

i) Buyer send LOI on company letter head
ii) Buyer show proof of fund (POF)
iii) Seller show proof of product (POP)

Upon agreed both parties:
ii) Seller send SCO on company letter head
iii) Seller send FCO and Buyer approved FCO
iv) Seller send draft sales and purchase contract
v) Buyer confirms by signing and returning the draft sales and purchase contract.
vi) Both party sign the final contract
vii) Buyer place the term of payment
viii) Seller starts delivery