Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly Chart Trend Signal


Hi traders,

I have discovered Doji candlestick has formed in weekly chart. It seems like CPO may reverse for correction downside biased if  red candlestick develops this week. So becareful.......If this scenario does not happen, CPO may rally to test 2600-2700.

Happy trading

Just my 2cents


  1. Sori,
    Nak tanya sket, trading FCPO ni halal n syariah-compliant yek? minta bantuan, sy kabur lagi dlm FCPO

  2. yup syariah compliant

  3. Ya. FCPO adalah HALAL dan patuh syariah. Saudara boleh rujuk di suruhanjaya sekuriti

    "Based on the studies, claims such as gharar, bai` ma`dum, non-existence of `iwadh, etc. do not occur. The SAC thus resolved that crude palm oil futures contracts are in accordance with the Shariah, for as long as they are free from the element of riba and gambling. So, investors who are concerned with Shariah practices can benefit from these facilities used as instruments for risk management."

    Rujuk mukasurat 75 "Resolutions of the Securities Commission Shariah Advisory Council-Second Edition


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